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Lampshade Lampshade is the powerful web-based programming engine behind some of the most efficient business sites in the world. Designed specifically for commercial applications, Lampshade leverages the power of the low-cost, open-source Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP (LAMP) platform by packaging technical functions in terms that businesses can understand and quickly use. With thousands of developers already familiar with the LAMP platform, almost anyone with programming experience can make full use of the robust tools that make up the Lampshade environment, saving precious time and money.

Lampshade sits in the background on the server that hosts your web site, so that most visitors are not even aware of its presence. Nevertheless, it can easily handle site-based user authentication, custom form error checking, server-side cookies, detailed error logging, complex table rendering, and much more. For companies doing business on the web, Lampshade even takes care of encrypting credit card numbers for you as part of its exclusive integration with the Authorize.Net on-line credit card processing system. With all of these features combined, Lampshade can easily save developers hundreds of manhours per project, ultimately translating into lower IT costs for your organization.

Lampshade already powers a number of web sites (including this one) used all over the globe, including sites frequented by thousands of students at Harvard College, and complex e-commerce sites that must handle hundreds of thousands of records without fail.

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